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Become a Warrior

How my MESS became my MESSAGE...

When people hear, "You have Multiple Sclerosis." they are typically terrified. They believe that life as they know it is over. I thought that too, however I was never terrified. For me it was relief of knowing what was finally happening to my body. With each obstacle I faced such as impaired vision, compromised balance, a scattered mind, I saw a path of opportunity ahead of me. Each challenge was the beginning of an epic adventure. Nonetheless it became a life of adventure I chose to embrace. A life that has now led me to serve others as they battle this disease. I created Mind Strong to help you shift your perspective, learn to become a warrior and strengthen your mindset. I want you (whether you have MS or not) to have an unbreakable mind filled with hope knowing that there isn't a challenge ahead that YOU can't conquer. I want YOU to live MIND STRONG!